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Adventures Past: Skydiving

March 20, 2012
Over the weekend I was thinking I sure wish I started this blog sooner. I could have written up a lot of great previous adventures. Then I realized, I can write about whatever the heck I want. And, because I received a lot of compliments on the picture in my last post, I thought I’d include a few pictures to go along.Skydiving
Last August, my husband got it in his handsome little head that we should go scuba diving. I had a rather traumatic scuba experience on our honeymoon (just picture me trying to mime BIG BUTT to the Spanish-speaking divemaster who didn’t give me enough weight and you will have pictured my most embarrassing moment of all time), so scuba wasn’t high on my list of adventures. Instead, I took him up on an old offer to go skydiving.
We drove out to a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere (the fewer buildings, the better, was my way of thinking), and signed up with a group of friendly, tattooed adventure-freaks. We hit the first obstacle about ten-minutes in…no toilet paper in the port-a-potty. “Holding it” didn’t seem like a viable option considering the nerves and fear, so I scrounged through the First Aid kit and found something to make do. Problem solving 101: A+The next step: getting on the plane. This rickety little plane was so old, there were actually holes in the bottom. “It’s only meant to hold three people,” the dive dude mentioned. “But we can squeeze in four.” He must have been right, because we didn’t crash and burn. 10,000 feet later, the guy points to a shoebox sized platform outside of the plane and instructs me to step out onto the platform. Somehow, I managed to accomplish this. (Note: my hands still get sweaty when I think about it.)
One last look at my husband who is still in the plane…three, two, one, arms crossed, and the free fall. I did a lot of screaming and laughing while getting pummeled by air, but it sure was fun. (I left out of the pictures where my skin was flapping in the wind — gross — I definitely am a little too plump for such pictures.)
We were in free fall for about 25 seconds before pulling the chute, and another few minutes before hitting the ground. The view was beautiful, especially after I saw my husband’s parachute open above us.My suggestions for skydiving: do it.
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