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The Making of a List

February 17, 2012

There is nothing less adventurous than making a list; however, I am a list maker. It’s in my blood. So much so that if ever one needed to receive a blood donation from me, they would become a list maker. I’m not incapable of being spontaneous, but I take my goals very seriously.

Every January, my New Year’s Resolutions get posted on our refrigerator. This list always has three main categories: books to read, pages to write, and pounds to lose. I have very simple priorities: words and looking good  naked (although I find the latter to be much more difficult). Since 2010, I have kicked this list’s ass every year. Books are flying off the shelves. I’m almost done with my second novel. And over sixty pounds have been kissed goobye. Clearly I am not challenging myself enough, and boredom, that ever-present enemy, is threatening to poke me again.
And I hate being poked.

It’s time for a new list. An adventure list. A list of all the things I want to learn, accomplish, see, create, build, and experience. Technically, this would be an infinite list, but I’ll try to narrow it down to 35 things or so…just to start. Feel free to contribute any suggestions.

1. Start a fire without matches
2. Go camping in Yellowstone
3. Learn how to clean a fish (my grandpa always told me girls weren’t supposed to clean fish. Harumph.)
4. Find out what paprikash is and make it with an appropriate amount of pepper. Serve with pecan pie.
5. Learn to lasso
6. Make my own long bow
7. Try polar diving
8. Retry scuba diving
9. Make a canoe
10. Wood carving
11. Build a treehouse
12. Learn how to throw a knife and/or axe with a smidgen of accuracy
13. Do a pull up
14. Walk across Michigan
15. Walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
16. Become a zombie
17. Go horseback riding
18. Cut my own  hair
19. Build a magnificent sandcastle
20. Speak Spanish
21. And French
22. Paint
23. Ski without a yard sale
24. Visit every continent
25. Run a half marathon
26. Go rock climbing
27. Ride the Trans Siberian Railroad
28. Change careers
29. Oktoberfest
30. Hike the Scottish Highlands
31. Visit the Vikingskipshuset in Oslo
32. Draw a comic book
33. Play an instrument
34. Shoot a gun
35. Swim with whale sharks

I’ll have a lot of adventures that aren’t on this list. Unfortunately, some of the adventures that ARE on the list require large sums of money and will, therefore, have to be put off until such somes of money (and time) are acquired.

Adventure 15, walking from ocean to ocean, is the most important to me as well as the most difficult to achieve. Finding several months of free time and no income will be tricky. I might not get around to this one for a decade or longer, but I think I will…one day. John already promised to go with me.

Some of these goals are already in progress, and I will write about them as they come around.
We’ll just see how it goes.

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