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Adventure 5: In Pursuit of the Americone Dream

February 11, 2012

John and I always try to have at least one snow adventure every year. Lake Michigan provides a lot of fun in this department. Last year, there were icebergs several feet thick. I’ll add some pictures below. Both of these were taken from the same point on the beach:


Here in lovely southwest Michigan, we woke up to a lovely new blanket of snow this morning about a foot deep and still dumping. The pine tree boughs look so beautiful covered snow, it’s like something right out of a painting by that guy with the squirrel in his hair…Bob Ross. Happy little trees.

The beauty of nature is always a source of inspiration. And today, we were inspired. Our muse called to us from the heavens and planted a desire deep in our hearts: must have ice cream.

It was a chilly morning at 17 degrees, so we waited until after lunch, giving Mother Nature some time to warm herself up. At noon, it was a piping hot 19 degrees, perfect walking weather. John and I donned out coats and gloves and set off to Walgreens on foot, not quite sure what we were getting ourselves into.

Whoa. We went out post-plow, which seemed like a good idea at first; however, the snow alongside the road was now at least knee deep, in some places, as high as my deliciously juicy, but frozen, thighs. Walgreens is only a quarter mile from the apartment, and we made it there in one piece, selected Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream, a York Peppermint Patty, Extra Sugar Free Gum, a gallon of milk, and some raw hide dog bones (for another adventure in progress).

On out way out, we discovered someone had dropped a wallet with about $200 in it. Now, someone might consider keeping some of this cash, especially since the wallet belonged to a FIP (F***ing Illinois Person — the Michigander nickname for Chicago tourists who venture here for vacation, taking all of the parking spaces downtown). On closer examination, the guy was licensed to carry a gun. Maybe keeping it wouldn’t be the best idea. Of course, we turned it in to the manager, but technically, we found a lost treasure. Snow pirates? I think we might just be.

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  1. jayne permalink
    February 13, 2012 5:04 pm

    Ok, remember on the cruise when Bryce found the 100 bill. What did we teach you when you find something? You keep it and then call the person to tell them you have it. Otherwise, the person to whom you give the newly-found find can pocket the dough and the owner doesn’t get his stuff back. Tsk, tsk.

    • February 13, 2012 5:21 pm

      Yeah…I was worried about that, but we didn’t want to take responsibility for someone else’s credit cards and ID. Especially someone who carries a gun. Ha!

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