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All Because of Watson

February 1, 2012

“Nothing ever happens to me.” – Dr. John Watson, Sherlock, Episode 1: “A Study in Pink”

The moment I heard those words come out of Martin Freeman’s British, and, in my opinion, rather sexy, mouth, I was hooked on Sherlock Holmes. I’m reading the stories, watching the BBC series (repeatedly), the Christopher Lee series from the 50’s, the movies, even dubbed my car Dr. John H. Watson, MD and equipped him with a “Sherlock is my Holmie” bumper sticker.

Did I go overboard? Hell, yes. I’ve got coral reefs poking me in the ass. But I couldn’t resist. I found something spectacular in the character of John Watson: a kindred spirit. No one hates being bored as much as Holmes, Watson, and I.

But life is boring.

Sleep, work, and exercise account for over half of my week. I sell batteries for a living. Batteries are boring. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ninja or a Jedi or a hitman. “Real life” unfortunately got in the way of those dreams, so I stopped staging lightsaber fights in the backyard, and I let the ol’ samurai sword gather dust under the bed. Even somewhat realistic goals, and I’m using the word “realistic” as a relative term, like writing novels, walking across the United States, or living in another country start drifting out of reach. In fact, whenever I mention these goals, I usually receive an exaggerated eye-roll in response.

I know these obnoxious eye-rollers had the same dreams I did as a kid, had expectations of greatness in their lives. At what point did they accept the soul-crushing stagnancy that comes with life as a typical adult? And why didn’t I ever go through this phase?

To be fair, I go on more adventures than most folks (skydiving, European vacations, South American excursions, Grecian scuba-diving), and all of these experiences were awesome. Unfortunately, these big vacations make up about seven of the 365 days of each year. I don’t mean to sound like a Russian mobster going around for collections, but seriously, where’s the rest? The battery biz certainly isn’t the thrill I’ve always imagined.

I know I can’t be a Jedi. It’s taken a decade for me to accept this terribly depressing fact, but there it is. I can, however, kick this stagnancy business in the ass by incorporating small adventures and lessons into every week (and hopefully every day) of my life.

<Enter the Consulting Adventurer blog/project.>

Please, don’t confuse my restlessness with ingratitude. Every day I wake up next to an intelligent, foxy, caring husband in a comfortable apartment where we want for nothing (except a puppy). We pay the bills. We have excellent investments. We both have a fantastic extended family with whom we love to spend time. I consider myself lucky to have all of these things in my life. I’m not bored with my husband or with our income level. I’m bored with myself. I expected more. Because I’m capable of more. So here’s the deal:

1. Learn new things.
2. Explore unusual hobbies.
3. Have adventures.
4. Get dirty.
5. Document my progress at least three times a week.

Watson conquered his boredom by tagging along with Holmes. I don’t know any consulting detectives, so I’m giving this a try. And now, I’m off to buy some rope and matches for my first adventure. Stay tuned.

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